The Blue Cabinet Giveaway

This is my blue cabinet.  image

It lives in my house.  It holds many things.  What kind of things you ask?  Well, mostly stuff like this…


And to be honest, it’s getting a little out of hand.

Thus, I have been inspired.  Inspired to do a bit of a fall cleaning.  Inspired to stop hoarding my books.  So, over the next couple months, there will be giveaways!  In a variety of places — twitter, facebook, and yes, tumblr.  But the first giveaway is on Goodreads,and it’s of those THE GAME AND THE GOVERNESS audiobooks (on the top shelf to the right).  

Follow this link, enter to win one of four copies — yes I realize the pic has five copies, but I gave one to my mother-in-law, because… mother-in-law.  But hurry because the giveaway is only open until Sept 30th!  

And keep your eyes peeler for more Blue Cabinet Giveaways.  Because more are coming.  Oh, yes.  More are coming.

:) Happy reading!

So many giveaways. SO MANY.

Hi all!  A quick update because the new addition to the world (aka, my child) only allows me a few minutes at a time one the computer.  He’s a tiny dictator.  He’s lucky he’s cute.

The fabulous people over at Pocket Books are doing a Facebook sweepstakes for BOTH The Game and the Governess and The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet.  Just follow the link, and let them know in the comments what your nom de plume would be (or if you would be sane and not split your identity like I did) and you’re entered!  Sweepstakes ends July 30th.

ALSO: I’m over at The Romance Dish today ONLY, talking about The Game and the Governess, a bunch of other stuff, and giving away a copy of G&G as well!  

However, if you only end up reading this after today (which, come on, I have’t been able to get on the internet for days now, so it’s entirely possible other people don’t live online like I used to) Never fear!  In the coming days, there’s going to be a lot of fun blogs and Q&As and giveaways, as July 22nd and the release of The Game and the Governess comes ever closer!   

And of course, there’s always the contest on my website — which is currently featuring a prize of any of my backlisted books!  

Full steam ahead, people.  Full steam ahead.

Vidcon wrap up

Hello all!  This past weekend was Vidcon in Anaheim.  I was there. I did stuff.

First I signed stuff.

With some cast and crew of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  Everyone who came and got stuff signed were so awesome and kind and I’m just like, wow.

Then, Bernie and I signed more stuff.  Specifically, books.

Lots of books.  LOTS.

Then, I took a picture of me with a HUGE book cover.

Also, I kinda have a weird hankering to make an origami crane now.  No idea why.

Then, on Saturday, we had a panel.

The Pemberley Digital folks: casts and crews of both Emma Approved and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries representing.  I’m the curly haired one near the far end.

And of course, I got to meet some amazing people, but can offer no photographic evidence of them.  But I did!  I swear! 

In all seriousness, I had a fantastic time, and was so happy to see people enjoying The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet, and am so grateful that people seem to like what we do.  

See you in 2015, Vidcon!

It’s been an exciting couple days in my world, and I wanted to post a quick update.


First of all, The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet is out!  It is unleashed upon the world!  I am so very proud of this book, and I am glad you all can finally enjoy it.  The response has been awesome so far, and I get a kick out of seeing the book out in the wild…

Like this:


Ashley Clements' brother found this display in an airport bookstore.

And this:


Window display at the Simon and Schuster building in NYC

And holy crap this:


We’re in People Magazine! — (note:  does that weird composite photo of Bernie and me make it look like we’re dating?  We’re not.  I’m happily married.)

If you spot the book out in the world take a photo and send it our way!  (via tumblr, twitter, whatever.)  It makes us giddy.  

And if you read it, let us know what you think — post a review (good or bad) on Amazon, Goodreads or B&  We love to hear from readers.


Speaking of the LBD, I’ll be attending Vidcon this weekend in Anaheim! Pemberley Digital posted a round up of where people will be when, but to sum up, here’s my itinerary:

Lizzie Bennet Diaries signing 10a-12p Friday, June 27th. Booth #5

Pemberley Digital panel 9:30a-10:30a Saturday, June 28th.  Room 304

At the signing, if you haven’t gotten a copy of the book yet, there will be books available, and yes, we’ll sign the heck out of them. 

And if you see me otherwise wandering the halls, come say Hi!  I’ll be the one with the curly blond hair and the basketball shoved under my shirt.


So, you all know that there is more happening this summer! The Game and the Governess coming July 22ndis almost here, too!

The Game and the Governess has been getting some insanely good reviews, the latest of which is this starred one from Booklist!

Ned Granville, Earl of Ashby, is really starting to get on his friend John Turner’s nerves.  John knows it is the fortuitous combination of Ned’s title and bank account that ensures there is always a steady stream of women eager to make his acquaintance.  Ned, however, maintains that it is his captivating personality and infinite charm that make him a hit with the ladies, and he is more than willing to prove it.  For the next two weeks, Ned will trade places with John, who will play the part of the earl while Ned poses as his secretary.  If Ned can’t win the heart of a young lady within that same time period, he loses.  What starts out as a simple wager turns into something much more complex when Ned sets out to woo governess Phoebe Baker only to find that the lady is surprisingly resistant to his charms.  Noble’s buoyant sense of wit gracefully propels the plot of her latest Regency-set historical to its immensely entertaining and eminently satisfying conclusion.

I mean, come on.  that’s pretty cool, right?

And to add to the excitement, Pocket Books is giving away 30 copies of The Game and the Governess on Goodreads!  Follow the link to enter now!

And don’t forget, I’m always running a contest on my website — this month’s prize is your choice of my backlist… also worth an entry, don’tcha think?

All for now.  More updates as more stuff happens.